Our Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision and prophetic word

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The New Jerusalem, the City of God coming down from Heaven

We see raising up in Poland an army of prophetic sons and daughters of God, devoting their lifes completely for the establishment of the Kingdom of Heavens now in Poland and joining with the others who have the testimony of Jesus in Europe and on the whole earth. The Kingdom is now, and we are here on earth to establish the Rulership and Kingdom of Jesus until everything is put under his Rulership and the enemies are made to his footstool.

On 9th of June 2019 we opened on mount Zion in Silesia this prayer Portal.

The more true disciples of Jesus begin to practise this, the more the portal will be opened constantly and used by the Holy Spirit and his Angels to bring down the Kingdom of Heavens and to bring the reality of the Organic City of God, the New Jerusalem down to earth and with it the rulership of Jesus, the King of Kings.

If you want to partake in the establishing of the Kingdom of God with us, then try to do the following points as a the backbone of your daily life:

1) begin to have an intimate time with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit at least one hour before sunrise

2) Begin the prayer and worship time with personal Lord’s table (supper, communion) with Jesus, eating his flesh and drinking his blood

3) pray at least 10 minutes to 2 hours daily in tongues (spiritual prayer language)

4) repent of any uncleanness and sin, ask for enlightenment and a heart of sincere and thorough repentance

5) Buy a shofar or horn to bring this Kingdom Spirit and the sound of the Blood of Jesus into the atmosphere to replace the atmosphere of any darkness. Mix the prayer time with shofar sound and calling the name of Jesus, Yahuwah and shouting Hallelujah!

6) deny yourself

7) learn from prophets of God who are used to be in the heavenly realm

8) pray to receive the Spirit of prophecy, which is the real testimony of Jesus for our time.

Destroying the reign, power and influence of Babylon

Then to break through to enter fully into the realm of the heavenly New Jerusalem and be filled with the Spirit of prophecy, consider following points:

9) humble yourself and pray to become aware of your entanglement with the babylonian-christian system or form, a mixed wine that leads to spiritual drunkenness.

10) If you are a brother or sister with responsible function like pastor, teacher, preacher, apostle, prophet, elder, group leader, etc.. you must learn to recognize the hidden babylonian entanglement, a kind of view and practice of so called “church” and “church life” and get rid of your ambition and using control or power over other believers and thus replacing the Holy Spirit.

11) you must learn to discern the body of Christ

12) you must avoid divisive practices and teachings

More about the last 4 points in the free booklet of L. Jamin (xet to be written):

“The so called church is not the body of Christ. What is Jesus building? What really hinders a revival of the churches?”

Recommended literature:

Everything from Kevin Zadai.

We recommend to read or hear regularly preachings of such prophets like Kevin Zadai, Graham Cook, Mike Thompson, John Paul Jackson, Bill Hamon, Ian Clayton, Johnson Naville, Ana and Emerson Mendez Ferrell, Sadu Sundar Selvaraj and others who frequently visit(ed) heaven while still living on earth.

Other Kingdom and Dominion Now Brothers: Kevin Zadai, Myles Monroe, Curry Blake, Andrew Wommack, David Hogan, Johannes Wöhr, Randy Clark, ….

Eat my flesh and drink my blood & Apocalypse, The Revelation of Jesus Christ. by Ana Mendez Ferrell

Further recommanded literature: teachings from Watchman Nee and Witness Lee.

Babylon is confusion. It’s main intent is to separate heaven from earth, to obstruct the heavenly reality inside the believer. Jesus came to join Heaven and earth and give us the fullness of His life so we could truly be His body on Earth. Babylon wants to have the control and Kingdom, so Jesus (the Holy Spirit) don’t have it. This causes people to not recognize Christ in His Kingdom as the Sovereign One over their lives and circumstances living in them to establish now his Kingdom on earth with glory.

The organized so called church life makes it impossible for the Kingdom of Heavens to be manifested. It is suppressed and oftentimes even persecuted by the organized “churches”.

Babylon uses the ambition of responsible men and women who are building their own Kingdom as their church to rule out the Holy Spirit.

The Fruits of Babylon: it tolerates sin, the deadly spirit of pharmakeia, organized divisions of the body of Christ (denominations) - because of the lack of them while living on earth not to be simultaneously constantly in heavens in the spirit under the rule of the King of Kings, caring for his Kingdom and it’s righteousness on earth.


Further recommanded literature: teachings from Watchman Nee and Witness Lee.

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